Borderlands 3 Review/Overview

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Borderlands 3 Review/Overview

Inläggav Kimarius » 07 nov 2019, 18:18


Borderlands 3 is an co-op action based role-playing first person shooter game. It is developed by Gearbox Software and published by 2K Games in September’19. It is the fourth main game in the borderlands series and a sequel to borderlands 3 which was published in 2012. It is available on Playstation 4, Xbox One, Google Stadia and Microsoft Windows. Its popular between gold farmers and players who sell Borderlands money to other players on p2p platforms. You can shop Borderlands money online.


Borderlands 3 sticks with the classic old guns that were in borderlands 2,however they have also added a brand new vault hunter(character). The story starts on the previously known planet pandora(from borderlands 2). The planet has been runover by bandits and it is now up to you and your friends to save it from falling apart. However Borderlands 3 does not end on pandora and has many new fascinating planets and their story missions. All the areas on the planets are filled with chests, collectibles and easter eggs which makes the gameplay very interesting. Borderlands 3 also introduces two important co-op features in the borderland series: Pinging Borderlands items and Sharing/Trading or shopping Borderlands 3 items. These make the co-op experience even more engaging than it’s previous versions. Now talking about the missions, there are two types of missions: the main missions and the side missions. However the side missions are as interesting and indulging as the main ones, if the game didn’t specify their type it would be hard to differentiate. The twists in the story and the humorous cutscenes always keeps you intrigued. They have also introduced new enemy characters and all the boss fights that are all over the place always keeps you on the guard and interested. Now talking about the weapons, there are different rarities of weapons: Common(White), Uncommon(Green), Rare(Blue), Epic(Purple), Legendary(Gold). Also some of these weapons have infinite ammo, they do not reload, however they have different mechanics like overheat. The characters and animations are also very clean and enjoyable. The story campaign is almost 30 hours long but the end credit roll is not the end to borderlands 3. The end of campaign unlocks a new mayhem mode which is a high-risk high-reward mode. To wrap it up, Borderlands 3 is a very interesting game that every action rpg fan should try atleast once.
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