His break tackle decreased three points to a score of 92

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His break tackle decreased three points to a score of 92

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The most noticeable change was the increase of Mut 22 coins two points in Rob Gronkowski's overall score for Tampa Bay Buccaneers tightend. He's now gone from an overall rating of 86 to an 89 overall rating in just two weeks. In all honesty, he's worthy of the award.

Gronk has already racked up 12 receptions, 129 yards and four touchdowns in just two weeks. Gronk is at his peak and I'm confident that this won't be his last season of great ratings.Another name that is likely to receive a ratings increase is Kansas City Chiefs strong safety Tyrann Mathieu.

Mathieu missed the entire week 1 due to positive COVID testing was able to make his season debut on Sunday Night Football against the Baltimore Ravens. And what a debut it was as Honey Badger recording two interceptions and one of them he returned for an touchdown. Mathieu's Awareness and Catch ratings both rose one point to 99 and the other 82, respectively. His overall now sits at the 96th spot.

The Titans running back Derrick Henry had his ratings changed following a stellar performance against the Seattle Seahawks. However, his rating remains at rating of 96 overall. Henry's start rating shocked most fans as they thought he was the top running back in the league. He certainly made a strong case for his position with 182 yards of rushing and three touchdowns in Week 2. Henry's catching went up to two points, compared to 64. His break tackle decreased three points to a score of 92.

One player worth keeping to watch is Carolina Panthers half back Christian McCaffrey who was injured with the injury to his hamstring on Thursday's game against Houston Texans. Although injuries rarely affect the player's ratings in
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