Inside the door the door opens and a Riddle appears

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Inside the door the door opens and a Riddle appears

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Use the knife to control it. The blade will begin to OSRS Items glow, then un-equip itself. Then the knife will cease to grate, because it has been utilized. Be sure to have the bucket with you otherwise, the herb will become considered a Bad Herb. A bucket could be transformed into a bucket of Niraye Juice if it is not yet.

I am a druid. I am able to help you develop special herbs. You have liberated me from this terrible curse! It was not a curse! It was just an sunburn. Well thank you anyway. Please let me know if you require anything! I really need you to let me know whether you have Sunbleached plants. Unfortunately, I do not. However, if you could provide me with some white herb, then I can create them.

Player cleans off the Herbs of White, and then hands them over to the Druid. Solarus Sunaris Sunbleached Herbs are the white Herbs that you'll find in your backpack. I was curious if you had any idea where to find a Sunset Herb. Deep inside the ground inside the Moonrise chest. How do I find them in the earth?

I believe there's an access ladder located at the southern-westernmost area of the island. Go to the South-West tip of Solar Isle, Climb down the ladder. Do you think this is the place that the Druid was referring to? Take the corridor and then turn to the west. You will eventually come to an Enchanted Door. Letters appear visible in the door.

Inside the door the door opens and a Riddle appears. Two men are talking. One of Buy RuneScape Gold them says he celebrated his an birthday just two days ago. He was 21. He says he will be 25 in 2 years. This is unbelievable. And if it was possible, what day were they discussing? They spoke on the 2nd of January and their birthday is December 31st.
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