is suggested if you wish to get maximum

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is suggested if you wish to get maximum

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The Dead Sea Scrolls continue to be found and there are many interesting discoveries about the era and region to be found in them. One of the more interesting aspects of these finds has to do with a leather scroll that was written to seem as if Abraham had been its author. Just like the many frauds of recent date including the Ossuary of James or the artifacts attributed to Joash and all manner of other Bible Narrative lies including the Ark at the top of a mountain we see politics or manipulation of people is paramount.

The forgers of this particular document putting words in the mouth of the great Patriarch who was mentored by the alchemist Melchizedek of the family of Jesus did not know that modern science would expose them. You can imagine how explosive it would be in the present day Islamic world to find this man speaking to them from beyond the grave. It would have been important at the time of Christ when they did this.

Abraham built an industry making babies and one can be sure he chose his partners with a view to their genetic make-up. Perhaps this is why he and the Pharaoh fought over Sarai as we are told in the Bible. It is not unlike the effort to create people like Thomas Jefferson or Frederick Douglas which I have written extensively about in books like Tuckahoe Mud. The more mundane reasons for having a baby-factory include armies and colonizing people who you know are your own kin. The corporate intrigues behind this are more than mere legend. The hierarchy demonstrated in the laws of more current day Israel including the Halakah make it clear that some people get full rights and others get to be merely Devoted Ones or sword fodder. Devoted Ones does not mean some pious people serving the church. It includes the Scarlet Women used in various sex and magical or occult rituals like L. Ron Hubbard did when he tried to bring Babalon to his beck and call.

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