Learn to avoid certain names in battlegrounds pvp

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Learn to avoid certain names in battlegrounds pvp

Inläggav MMOexpshop » 04 okt 2019, 09:22

Blizzard listened to such stupid complaints earlier, and what we got was homogenisation of classes/specs. Your specialisation depends on your objective. If you want to farm as a hunter. Go Beast Mastery. Want to raid, better go Marksman. In fact, people unwilling to devote gold for respecs enforces the social aspect with classic wow gold. "I am a full-time healer for raids" good, then farming will probably be very in-efficient for you. And you'll most likely have to use different people. I'll be enjoying shadow. Since I really like the spec, and its vampiric aspect. The beautiful thing about vanilla WoW is. There are forty raid spots. However, the raid could be run by fifteen capable min/maxers. However, the grand scheme of things, it actually was not all that rare to bring retridins or augmentation shamans, or shadow priests. Bosses might take just a bit more, so what?

And that is just raiding only. Sure, some will probably be inherently better. But fighting against odds will make you develop as a player. I hate quoting sub-par films. Over time, you'll learn to avoid certain names in battlegrounds/world pvp. Or even particular classes. In short stop with this horse shit min/max mentality and just play the class and spec combination you like best. Like Beastmastery? Break the mold! Perform it in a raid, find out from things, work out how to keep your furry friend alive. Be you.

No, I assumed that elitism pushing or pigeon holing you into a spec they deem best is what makes people dicks. And even when the improvement shaman pulls aggro. It is going to be his fault. Enhancement in the hands of a skilled player will be looking for that. So who is assuming now? Assuming that those who wish to play specs they enjoy vs what's meta are automatically bad? Nearly every tape set, perhaps with the exception of Naxx can easily be completed by less than half of a raid group. And if you consider there may be no additional content added to WoW Classic. Racing through the material will only burn you out. I would go so far as to advise to bringing the player, not the spec. Within these 40 slots you'll naturally get a heart of healers and tanks. All other 20 +slots can be filled with people you like regardless of spec.

I dont really get what's the argument about at this point - ofc its enh shaman fault when he pulls aggro, his fault is attracting wrong spec... skilled enh player who prevent pulling aggro? That basicly means not doing harm and offhealing rather which auto invalidates spec he brought, might also respec into resto now, proficient player realizes that and play all the specs and only respec between raids and other activities. You also miss the point I was creating, I agreed you can finish the raid with 20 individuals but that's for the stage of the server when you're overgearing content and even then if state you have people who snore position who only left premade to attend the raid... they wish to muscle in 30-40mins to return to grinding because competition for high standing is really tight at after ranks with cheapest wow classic gold. When we talk about progression raids... during progression raids you are undergeared and need efficiency because mistakes prices you a wipe at this stage, to compensate for which you just take metagamed strategies, specs, world fans etc.. Later once you and your guild outgear articles and also have friends who consented to carry your funzies spec you can do whatever you want, I have no problem with that.
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