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Rejäl smärta i livmodern och ömmande bröstvårtor

InläggPostat: 29 maj 2012, 20:33
av jayde
Hej, det finns säkert tusen trådar om det här men jag startar en ny!
Till att börja med så har jag gått med ömma bröstvårtor i 4-5 dagar nu, men mått bra i övrigt. Tänkte att jag hade haft något tight på mig men de gör ont även när de får vara "fria" under en längre tid.

Idag när jag var på jobbet och satt i kassan så kom världens smärta i hela livmodern, inte bara nån sida. Det kom och gick, det var en del rejäla kramper, som fick mig att tro att jag skulle föda barn (jag som inte ens vet hur det känns). Kändes som knivar i magen typ eller att nån drog och hade sig där inne. Det var så jobbigt att jag var tvungen att gå hem. Kunde varken stå eller sitta :cry:
Ringde sjukvårdsupplysningen och frågade, men hon sa bara att om det blev värre så skulle jag åka in.

Mhm.. Det har nu släppt helt efter 2 timmar. Bör också nämna att jag har haft samma p-piller i 2 år och aldrig känt av någon mensvärk eller ömmande bröst kring mens. För kanske 8 dagar sen (ca en vecka in på kartan) så missade jag ett piller, och hade sex dagen efter :oops:

Så min fråga är, vad kan det där ha varit för smärta? Bm undrade om jag var gravid, men det vet jag inte, eller så sa hon att det kanske kunde vara en infektion.. Jag har ingen aning. Vet bara att jag aldrig varit med om det här förut :shock: Någon som varit med om något liknande?

My cats have a passion to put plants is that there medicine

InläggPostat: 27 jul 2012, 23:46
av Vekunrege
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Whats the contrariety dispute between veracious fondness and

InläggPostat: 27 jul 2012, 23:48
av Vekunrege
Like I know you can love anyone, jimmy choo on sale like friends an all people and people saying with regards to love with someone in addition to loving them are not one but two different things. But what about romantically in love and finding yourself in love, what's the difference if you experience one? Love is a light so that people to see things that happen to be not seen by other people. Romantic love is your deep emotional, sexual and spiritual recognition and regard for any value of another man and relationship. Romantic love can produce many powerful feelings. It can provide a new profound ecstasy, and a deep troubled when frustrated. To some people, romantic love is irrational. Romantic love can look like an emotional storm. Someone we love enters the area. Our eyes and heart illuminate. We look at this kind of person. We feel a developing feeling of joy within just us. We reach out in addition to touch their hand. We feel happy and fulfilled. I believe we all employ a profound need to find things on the earth we care about and also feel inspired by. From the moment regarding birth we begin looking for lights that will lighten our journey, provide us with goal and meaning, and make our struggle worthwhile. Romantic love is an excellent way to express our own capacity to love and be loved. It is a way to focus our energy, our curiosity, and our desire pertaining to adventure. jimmy choo outlet Romantic love is a source of pleasure and inspiration and is particularly worth pursuing. Romantic love is the blessing of life. Romantic love confirms the lovable and capable design. In loving you, I see in you section of me that is also you.. I also see in you something that is really me. And there is people, a person of many qualities-- anyone who is a mystery-- an individual I am drawn to be able to. Romantic love is influenced by shared sight and is actually shaped by happiness. Immature love is determined by shared blindness, and is merely your fortress against pain. Romantic love is the sanctuary, and a source connected with nourishment and energy. Sometimes romantic love is the only point of certainty, and the only thing that is certainly solid and real from the midst of chaos and also ambiguity. By comparing both love's ough can decide yourself which in turn love u want? Hope u got the answer and be happy inside ur life with ur family member dear... If you are in love it really is clear that you romantically will be loving someone. If you are in love you will realise there is a great charm in the life. jimmy choo shoes You will live every moment of life. You will enjoy the life. You will always give thought to your partner. On the other hands, if you are romantically loving someone then to whom you might be loving he will feel as he/she is flying in the sky. Loving someone, Like really loving someone is something we believe only a the mother feels for her child. For me that's the meaning of real love. Romantically in Love I would say how to attract lust or maybe it may be love but not GENUINE love

What is the procession between turtle-dove an dobsession?

InläggPostat: 31 jul 2012, 05:10
av Vekunrege
Falling in love is not very something wrong. I wonder if we've found any control over it in the least. jimmy choo discount Love involves accepting somebody for who or she's. Love is accepting somebody completely and infinitely. And love does not judge. Once the person was in love with the 'terrorist' because you say, then the terrorist portion of the identity will disappear or diminish for your one in love. Only the lover will stay. Humans are helpless inside hands of love. It might be improper, it may not stop happily, but it is not necessarily wrong. There are no protection under the law or wrongs in appreciate. But when you do not stop him from hurting others then it is a step against humanity along with against him too. That is for confident. If he is a new terrorist, he should be handed on the feds... Anyway on topic... As for the enjoy part anyone can tumble in love with anyone, I wouldn't even condone this, I'm sure many other people wont too. But it is yourself you do what you would like with it, even if everyone finds it unacceptable, you have a choice to hear them or follow your own intuition. It isn't up to anyone else to decide. jimmy choo discount i really like the way u have put ur question in words. yes one can slide in love with terrorist, why not. It is not totally unacceptable? but yes its not necessarily practical decision. but still i stand by u... bcos i am throughout love with my collegue, and but she totally unaware of it,.... kya karu mujhe samajh nahi aa raha.... yeah! im sorry but we lost my brother to some of those goddamned terrorists and the lowlife, cowardly way of arguing. i'll kill again to make sure none of those beatches reproduce. love may be effective, but hate is omnipotent. You should weigh this out, is it worth sacrificing all the stuff which could make people more happy. Of course terrorism this self is totally inappropriate oooooh thats a difficult one... lol i'd say thats for your 2 of them to make the decision... anyone else will always be spectators. just people on your outside looking in. Dont wry yaar adore changes everything. Wat matters is just how much u love him/her. jimmy choo on sale Just go ahead. Love it. He probably does appreciate you, but is afraid associated with commitment or has uncertainties in his mind, especially young guys. You should talk to him regarding it if it bothers people, and just ask your ex boyfriend how he feels regarding you. A lot of males who love their women of all ages freak out sometimes with regards to commitment, because it's like the ending of these chance of still being single but not being able to be satisfied will each of the qualities in one female, but in several. Infactuation (or puppylove) is more reminiscent of "in love with love" or being "a fool pertaining to love". This usually afflicts youngsters, in the sense actually compellingly attracted to the alternative sexes without an actual idea what love is concerning. True love needs that basic ingredient of knowing and understanding another party (faults, warts and all).