Sell ​​my pcb

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Sell ​​my pcb

Inläggav jackwong1931 » 06 maj 2019, 08:48


Is it easy to do PCB Online purchase?
When we need to purchase some goods, we will expect it can be very easy to finish, then it can save much time for us, time is really very important, save time means can do many other wonderful things.

As an electronic engineer, after we finished our PCB design, I will expect to get the designed board work at once, also we will need to know its fabricate too. Traditionally method is to find suppliers in Alibaba, exhibition, or Google, after finding the supplier contact method, then contact them and send them your files, and wait for their offer. It hears some complicated and will take much time to get a price.

It is lucky I discover some website that can calculate the price online, not need wait sales reply, and can get the basic cost in a very short time.

Below is a company I find, it is easy to follow and it will very helpful for you!

1. Join free or sign in at this website PCBASTORE

2. Calcuated the price online

3.Upload PCB file and bom list, then they will check your file, and approved it online, then you can finish the payment online, they will also update your order process when your board in fabrication, and send you board picture and shipping invoice for your checking before delivery, it is really a nice website.

Hope our share will be helpful for you!

If you are interested in getting your PCB ( at once, welcome to try to use PCBASTORE at once, if you have any other problems, you can also contact the sales directly.
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Blev medlem: 06 maj 2019, 08:38

Re: Sell ​​my pcb

Inläggav JamesShaw » 02 apr 2020, 15:14

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