You won't be able see the shot meter at all in 2K22

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You won't be able see the shot meter at all in 2K22

Inläggav MMOgrfy » 12 jan 2022, 09:23

To unlock the penthouse and zipline to Nba 2k22 Mt unlock the penthouse and zipline in NBA 2K22, you have to earn approximately one million MVP points. It is possible to use any strategy mentioned above to earn them; you must complete City quests and MVP quests. Also, you can play in playoffs, get an MVP award for the year or the rookie of the season, etc. Once you manage to reach one million, you get an exclusive penthouse residence in Parkside Lofts.

When you arrive at the door of the building, you have five options to choose from. The first lets you enter your penthouse. The next four, also known as the names of the various city affiliations, will automatically take one to the zipline that you take to the region of the city which is associated with the affiliation you chose. It's really a kind of travel that is fast, sort of.

In NBA 2K22, players can either play with either a shot meter or no shot meter. However, this doesn't mean that the timing of your shot doesn't matter to you, as you'll want to time your stick release exactly when your player is going to shoot the basketball.

If you do set this meter to off, you won't be able see the shot meter at all in 2K22. There are several benefits of this, and we'll discuss them in a minute. First, though, let's look at what you have to do in order to get rid of the shot gauge on NBA 2K22.

To switch off the shot meter go into the Settings in the game via in the Pause Menu or on the Main Menu. Once you're in the Settings Choose Controller Settings. Then, you'll see you will see the Shot Meter option. To ensure it stays on, set it to On. As you can probably tell the setting is Off to buy mt nba 2k22 disable the shot meter.
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